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What do the stapedius and gluteus maximus have in common? they move the hips and thighs. they are attached to bones. they are the largest muscles. they are the smallest muscles.

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pinkfloyd is wrong the correct answer is B they are both attached to bones
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The correct answer would be "They are attached to bones". Stapedius refers to the smallest skeletal muscle present in the human body. Its origin point is pyramidal eminence and the insertion point is the neck of stapes (the bone of the middle ear). The main function of this muscle is to stabilize the stapes. It helps in regulating the amplitude of the sound waves by reducing the excess vibrations of the stapes. Gluteus maximum is the extensor muscle of the hip. The origin of this muscle is attached to the gluteal surface of the ilium, sacrum, lumbar fascia, and sacrotuberous ligament. The insertion point of this muscle is attached to the femur bone.

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