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14. In cell B14, create a formula without using a function that adds 1 to the value in cell B12 and then multiplies the result by the value in cell B13. Update the reference to cell B12, from a relative reference to a mixed reference by making an absolute reference to row 12. Copy the formula from cell B14 to the range B15:B17 and then copy the formulas from the range B14:B17 to the range C14:H17.

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The formula for the given problem is given below:= (1+B$12)×B13Explanation:Immediately you do one, then you can autofill the formula to the mentioned range B15:B17 and then to C14 to H17When been done correctly, this is how the formula will look in those cells if you do it correctly.Check the file attached below to see it.

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