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Which set of muscles will the soccer player use to straighten his right leg to kick the ball? a. hamstring and gluteus maximus b. hamstring and latissimus dorsi c. quadriceps and latissimus dorsi d. quadriceps and gluteus maximus

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I think the answer is D. .but what i think is that the right was answer is suppose to be Quadriceps ,Gluteus maximus and Hamstring. Thats what i think in my point of view because these three muscles is what allow to do that move.
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The set of the muscles that help in the straightening of the leg for kicking the ball while playing soccer includes the quadriceps and the gluetus maximus. The quadriceps and the gluetus maximus are the extensor muscles. The quadriceps help in the extension of the knee when the leg is being straightened as in while kicking the soccer ball. The quadriceps are present on the front of the thigh while the gluetus maximus is the extensor muscle of a person's hip.Hence, the correct option is 'option D - quadriceps and gluetus maximus'.
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