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5. After a long period of pumping from an unconfined aquifer at a constant rate of 850 m3/day, the cone of depression reaches equilibrium. The aquifer has an initial saturated thickness of 20m and a hydraulic conductivity of 8.65 m/day. During the equilibrium, the water levels in an observation well 50m away and in the pumping well are measured as 18.4 and 9.9 m. Determine (a) the radius of influence of the pumping, (b) the radial distance where the steady state drawdown is 5 cm, (c) the expected drawdown in the pumping well (rw =0.4), and (d) the total well head losses.

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sorry if u can’t read it I tried to fix it but I won’t let me sorryExplanation:This is Homework 5 McKinney CE374L

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