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PLEASE HELP Which of these is likely to be true about a scientific theory? (5 points) a It can never be changed or replaced. b It is supported by exactly one true hypothesis. c It is accepted by a large scientific community. d It is a random guess about how something happened. Question 2 (5 points) (04.02 MC) Read the two statements given below. Statement 1: All living matter at the smallest level is made of cells Statement 2: New animal cells are formed from pre-existing animals Which of the following best relates the statement to the correct type of theory? (5 points) a Both statements are about scientific theories. b Both statements are about everyday life theories. c Statement 1 is about an everyday life theory, and statement 2 is about a scientific theory. d Statement 1 is about a scientific theory, and statement 2 is about an everyday life theory. Question 3 (5 points) (04.03 LC) Which organelle captures sunlight and helps in food synthesis? (5 points) a Chloroplast b Mitochondrion c Nucleus d Ribosome Question 4 (5 points) (04.01 LC) Which type of molecule forms structures in cells and stores energy? (5 points) a Lipid b Nucleic acid c Protein d Water Question 5 (5 points) (04.03 LC) The diagram below shows the structure of an animal cell. The image of an animal cell is shown with some organelles labeled numerically from 1 to 6. The outer double layer boundary of the cell is labeled 1. A stacked disc like structure is labeled 2. A broad rod shaped structure with an irregular shape inside it is labeled 3. The entire plain section that forms the background of the cell and is within the outer boundary is labeled 4. A small circular shape within the large circular shape is labeled 5. The large central circular shape is labeled 6. Which number label represents the nucleus? (5 points) a 6 b 5 c 3 d 2 Question 6 (5 points) (04.01 LC) Which of these is a group of organs that work together and perform one or more major functions? (5 points) a Organelle b Organ system c Molecule d Tissue Question 7 (5 points) (04.02 LC) Matthias Schleidan observed plant leaves under a microscope. How did this help contribute to cell theory? (5 points) a It helped to show that all plants are made of cells. b It helped to show that all plants are made of chloroplast. c It helped to show that plant cells can be created from soil. d It helped to show that plants cells cannot function independently. Question 8 (5 points) (04.02 LC) Based on the cell theory, which of the following is true? (5 points) a All cells perform the same function. b All cells are of the same size and shape. c Organisms can have only one or many cells. d Cells vary in size depending on the size of the organism. Question 9 (5 points) (04.01 LC) Which of the following levels is lower than cells in the hierarchy of organization of living things? (5 points) a Molecules b Organs c Organ systems d Tissues Question 10 (5 points) (04.03 MC) What will most likely happen in the absence of a cell membrane? (5 points) a Photosynthesis will not take place. b The cell will not store food, water, nutrients, and waste. c Energy will not be released during cellular respiration. d Substances will pass in and out of the cell in an uncontrolled manner. Question 11 (5 points) (04.03 MC) Plant cells and animal cells were observed under a microscope. The characteristics of two cells are listed below. Cell C: Has a cell membrane Cell D: Has a large vacuole Which statement about the two cells is correct? (5 points) a Both cells are animal cells. b Cell C can be a plant cell or an animal cell. c Cell D can be a plant cell or an animal cell. d Cell C is a plant cell and Cell D is an animal cell. Question 12 (5 points) (04.02 MC) A scientist observed the formation of hundreds of maggots and many flies on a rotting meat slice exposed to the environment. What most likely formed the maggots? (5 points) a Water vapor present in the surrounding air b Eggs of flies in the surroundings c Nutrient crystals in the meat d Oxygen in the environment

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Q1. b Q2. a Q3. a Q4. a Q6. b Q7. a Q8. c Q9. a Q10. b Q11. b Q12. bPlease attach the photo of question 5 so that it is easier to answer.Explanation:
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I need the answer to give please help here is a photo

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